[R] Breakpoints for multiple variables using Segmented

vito muggeo vmuggeo at dssm.unipa.it
Fri Jan 20 11:29:09 CET 2006

Dear Matthew,
Currently segmented() performs multiple (say L>1) estimation of 
breakpoints in GLM, namely:

1)L breakpoints for the same variable x, e.g.:
segmented(obj.glm, Z=x, psi=c(psi1,psi2,psi3))

2)L breakpoints for L explanatory `segmented' variables, e.g.:
segmented(obj.glm, Z=cbind(x1,x2,x3), psi=c(psi1,psi2,psi3))
In this case it is assumed that each x has just one breakpoint (psi1 for 
x1, psi2 for x2, and so on). This is, actually , a limit - I know. 
Currently I have no time :-(, but sooner or later I should update the 

Hope this helps,

Matthew Betts wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am using the package “Segmented” to estimate logistic regression models
> with unknown breakpoints (see Muggeo 2003 Statistics in Medicine
> 22:3055-3071). In the documentation it suggests that it might be possible to
> include several variables with breakpoints in the same model: “Z = a vector
> or a matrix meaning the (continuous) explanatory variable(s) having
> segmented relationships with the response”. However, the syntax for
> including multiple “Z” and “psi” (“starting values for the break-point(s)”)
> is not stated. Does anyone have any suggestions?
> Here is an example of correct code for detecting single breakpoint:
> model.seg<-segmented.glm(obj = model.glm, Z = predictor_variable, psi = 2 ,
> it.max = 50)
> Thanks very much for your help.
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