[R] Loop through factors without changing to numerics

Francisco J. Zagmutt gerifalte28 at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 20 02:18:53 CET 2006

An example would have helped to give you a better answer.  You can use 
characters in the "seq" argument of the for loop.  i.e

[1] "a" "b" "c" "d"

for(i in x) {print(i)}
[1] "a"
[1] "b"
[1] "c"
[1] "d"

Is this what you were looking for?


>From: "Chia, Yen Lin" <yen.lin.chia at intel.com>
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>Subject: [R] Loop through factors without changing to numerics
>Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 16:42:00 -0800
>Hi all,
>If I want to write a for loop to loop through a set of factors, which
>are not coded in 1,2,3, for e.g in character, possible to write the for
>loop without changing  it to categorical variables?  I saw the manual
>mentions for loop will take a list, but I'm not sure how to create a
>list here.  Any input will be appreciated.  Thanks.
>Yen Lin
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