[R] [R-pkgs] RSQLite

David James dj at research.bell-labs.com
Thu Jan 19 19:12:33 CET 2006

Version 0.4-1 of the RSQLite package has been uploaded to CRAN.
RSQLite embeds the SQLite engine in R (see http://www.sqlite.org)

Changes include:

* Fixed problems exporting/importing NA's 

* An new experimental dbWriteTable() method to create SQLite tables
  from simple files (delimited unquoted fields), e.g., 
     > dbWriteTable(con, "table_name", "file_name", ...)
     > methods?dbWriteTable           ## see documentation for details

* dbConnect() now accepts values for the "cache_size" and "synchronous" 
  to tune/improve SQLite performance (see methods?dbConnect for details).

Thanks to Seth Falcon, Ronggui Huang, and Charles Loboz for their
patches, suggestions, bug reports and testing.


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