[R] singular convergence(7)?

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Thu Jan 19 05:55:07 CET 2006

	  In general, "singular convergence" means you were trying to estimate 
k parameters when the data would support estimation k-1 or fewer.

	  Beyond this, RSiteSearch("singlular convergence") produce 53 hits for 
me just now, and RSiteSearch("lme singular convergence") produced 7.  If 
none of those answer your question and you would still like help from 
this listserve, please submit a terse, reproducible example consistent 
with "www.R-project.org/posting-guide.html".  You can increase your 
chances of getting a useful reply by making it easier for potential 
respondents to comment.  With a simple, terse, reproducible example, 
anyone interested in "lme" can copy your code into R and see your error 
message in seconds.  With a slightly greater effort, they might be able 
to tell you exactly what you want to know.  Without such a simple, 
reproducible example, you are throwing darts blindly, hoping one will 
find the bulls-eye of a target you only hope is there.

	  hope this helps.
	  spencer graves

Chia, Yen Lin wrote:

> Hi all,
> I just wonder what singular convergence means. Thanks.
> Yen Lin
> Error in lme.formula(Data ~ 1, random = ~1 | Wafer/fie/loc, subset =
> Wafer ==  : 
>         singular convergence (7)
> 	[[alternative HTML version deleted]]
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