[R] some EPS rotated in journal preview

Knut Krueger admin at biostatistic.de
Wed Jan 18 20:48:10 CET 2006

Marc Schwartz (via MN) schrieb:

>Unfortunately, it may have precluded my being able to replicate exactly
>what you are seeing, despite being intimately familiar with one of the
>functions (barplot2  ;-) that you are using.
>I did create some data that would generally fit what you are doing in
>both cases, however, probably because I am on Linux and you are on
>Windows, where both device and GS differences may be problematic, I
>could not get the second to be rotated relative to the page.
I think I described the problem not clearly or misunderstood your text.
There was no Figure rotated on my system - only in the PDF file from the 

>If you want, e-mail me (offlist) the rotated EPS file that is created in
>the second case and I can use that to try to replicate the problem as
>well as review the EPS code to see if something sticks out.
>Under Linuxen, one can set:
>  GS_OPTIONS="-dAutoRotatePages=/None"
>  export GS_OPTIONS ...........

I will try to findout this on windows system, but maybe I need some time.
Fist I must send the paper out to the journal. I will attach both Tiff 
for the reviewers and eps for printing

>One other quick comment, which is relative to the readability of your
>code.  Strategically placed spaces (" ") and line breaks would help
>tremendously. Especially since most e-mail clients will create line
>breaks at 72 chars (or similar), which can make the flow of the code
>difficult to review.

sure  I only used copy and paste from the sriptfile and did noth thought 
about the autowrap fo the e-mailclient.

thanks very much Knut

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