[R] Documentation in R 2.2.1 for Windows of: rcmd build --docs=

White, Charles E WRAIR-Wash DC charles.edwin.white at us.army.mil
Wed Jan 18 14:50:43 CET 2006

I recommend that the allowable values for docs be included in the short
help output generated by the command 'rcmd build --help'. The html help
file for build does not contain this information (which is fine since
the HTML help system supports multiple operating systems). I did find
the options I needed in the html help for install. Given the voluminous
(... and inherently somewhat disconnected...) documentation of R, I'm
sure someone can point me to other locations where these options are
documented. However, since the options seem to be OS specific and there
is already help output available from the OS specific command, I
recommend that the options be included in the short help listing
generated in association with the command. Thanks for all of your hard


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