[R] some EPS rotated in journal preview

Knut Krueger admin at biostatistic.de
Wed Jan 18 13:04:12 CET 2006

I am trying to send a manuscript to a journal.
One of the figures build by R is in the right orientation and 4 are rotated clockwise 90 deg in the preview.

I used the right click save to PS option and I used the command line

postscript("c:/temp/fig04.eps",bg="transparent",onefile = TRUE  ,pointsize=20,paper = "letter",height=8,width=8,horizontal=FALSE,family = "Helvetica", font = "Helvetica")

I treed Horizontal=TRUE Ghostsript show the rotated image but not the preview from the journal. :-(

Is there anything to change that the - unknown system - of the journal will be forced to display the image in the right direction?

Regards Knut

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