[R] Current state of support for BUGS access for Linux users?

Andrew Gelman gelman at stat.columbia.edu
Wed Jan 18 12:37:32 CET 2006


Does coda put parameters into arrays based on their names?  I had the 
impression that coda just considered parameters as one very long vector 
(as in the summary output inside the Bugs window), hence it would not 
make those nice graphs on the right side of the output from plot() 
applied to a Bugs object.  But if coda is the standard, then I suppose 
what's needed is to adapt Jouni's function to also convert coda objects 
into bugs objects?  Then any iterative simulation object could be 
displayed and accessed by parameters, not simply scalar components of 
parameters.  (Or maybe coda can do more than I realize, I don't know.)



Uwe Ligges wrote:

> In which case one could use the coda package.
>> A key part of a bugs object is the way a vector or matrix of 
>> parameters with the same name is structured as a vector or matrix, 
>> not simply as part of a long vector of parameters (this can be 
>> clearly seen in the right half of the plot() output for a hiearchical 
>> model fit in Bugs, and also can be seen if you fit a bugs model and 
>> then do attach.bugs() and look at simulations of parameter vectors or 
>> arrays.
> Hope this is the case in all representations of similar objects.
> Anyway, among build-in plot facilities, BRugs supports conversion to 
> coda's mcmc objects.
> Uwe

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