[R] Calculation of daily max

Augusto.Sanabria@ga.gov.au Augusto.Sanabria at ga.gov.au
Tue Jan 17 05:47:19 CET 2006

Good day everyone.

I have a large dataset of 1 min wind speeds
covering 5 years.

How can I make an array of maximum daily values?

The vectors I have are: 'VDATE' with dates in format
'%Y-%m-%d' (like '1992-10-28') and 'WS' with wind speed data 
(same number of elements as VDATE).

I want an array with 2 columns: Max daily wind speed and
corresponding day.

Has anyone got an elegant way of doing that?
(My background is in C++ I would tend to use loops
but that is not very elegant in R, isn't it?)


Augusto Sanabria. MSc, PhD.
Mathematical Modeller
Risk Research Group
Geospatial & Earth Monitoring Division
Geoscience Australia (www.ga.gov.au)
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Symonston ACT 2609
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