[R] Homogenic groups generation - Randomisation

Spencer Graves spencer.graves at pdf.com
Mon Jan 16 04:00:48 CET 2006

	  I'm sorry but I do not understand.  If you would still like help from 
this group, PLEASE do read the posting guide! 
"www.R-project.org/posting-guide.html", especially the part about 
providing a toy example that maybe doesn't quite work but helps readers 
understand what you mean by a "homogenic group".  RSiteSearch("Homogenic 
groups") found, "No document matching your query", and nothing striked 
me as relevant when I Googled for "homogenic group".  If you can pose 
your question in a way that does not require knowledge of your specific 
technical term, you increase your chances of getting help from someone 
who understands the concepts but not your particular jargon.

	  J'espere que ceci vous aidera.
	  spencer graves

a.menicacci at fr.fournierpharma.com wrote:

> Dear R-users,
> We expect to create N homogenic groups of n features from an
> experimentation including N*n mesures. The aim of this is to prevent from
> group effects. How to do that with R functionalities. Does anyone know any
> methodes enabling this ?
> Best regards.
> Alexandre MENICACCI
> Bioinformatics - FOURNIER PHARMA
> 50, rue de Dijon - 21121 Daix - FRANCE
> a.menicacci at fr.fournierpharma.com
> tél :
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