[R] how to obtain "par(ask=TRUE)" with trellis-plots

Deepayan Sarkar deepayan.sarkar at gmail.com
Sat Jan 14 22:46:05 CET 2006

On 14 Jan 2006 11:17:18 +0100, Peter Dalgaard <p.dalgaard at biostat.ku.dk> wrote:
> Deepayan Sarkar <deepayan.sarkar at gmail.com> writes:


> > See ?grid.prompt in the grid package. To use it you can either attach
> > grid, or do
> >
> > grid::grid.prompt(TRUE)
> I happened to need this today (some example() sections are a bit
> unhelpful without it) and the only way I figured it out was by recalling
> this recent thread. Any chance of putting a suitable pointer in the
> help pages for trellis.par.set and/or trellis.device?

Will do.


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