[R] Curve fitting

Ben Bolker bolker at zoo.ufl.edu
Fri Jan 13 14:48:53 CET 2006

 <ndurand <at> fr.abx.fr> writes:

> I made a mistake in my equations : all the logarithms are neperian!
> ----- RÃ©acheminÃ© par Nadege ND Durand/RD/abx/FR le 01/13/2006 09:15 -----

  it doesn't matter; all the basic issues raised by me and
by Albyn Jones still apply.  If we are going to help you,
you need to provide more detail about what you tried in R
and more background on what you're trying to achieve in general.
As we both said, fitting a 5-parameter model to 5 data
points is nearly impossible.  If you provide more detail
about your data and your broader goal, we might be able
to help.

  Ben Bolker

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