[R] 4 smoothed lines on xyplot

Dean Sonneborn dsonneborn at ucdavis.edu
Wed Jan 11 19:39:34 CET 2006

I am using the R code listed below to create 4 smoothed lines on a 
xyplot. I'm having trouble fine tuning it. First I think I may need a 
black and white plot so how do I get it to plot the lines with different 
characters, preferable the same characters used in the key (plus, X 
circle and triangle). I might also be interest in a version that draws 
four solid lines of different colors but when I try to use a white 
background the lines change to dots and dashs. When I don't use a white 
background it seems to use the solid colors lines.

plotchar <- c(3, 4 ,1 ,2 )

colr<- c(“green”, “blue” , “red”, “black”)


trellis.par.set(col.whitebg() )

xyplot(AWGT ~ lipid_adj_lpcb2_cent, groups=grpx, data=pcb_graph3, 
auto.key=TRUE, col=colr,

pch=plotchar, type=c(“1”, “smooth”), span=.8,

key=list(x=.14, y=.84,

points=list(col=colr, pch=plotchar),

lines=list(col=colr, pch=plotchar),

text=list(levels(pcb_graph3$grpx) , col=colr, pch=plotchar)))

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Programmer Analyst
Department of Public Health Sciences
University of California, Davis
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