[R] Filters in waveslim

Rogerio Porto rdporto1 at terra.com.br
Tue Jan 10 19:09:03 CET 2006


if you try the following code:

dwt(doppler, wf="la6")

you get:

Error in switch(name, haar = select.haar(), d4 = select.d4(), mb4 = 
select.mb4(),  :   Invalid selection for wave.filter

So, it seems that instead of "la8" (default) and "haar" you can choose also 
"d4" and "mb4" only.



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>From: Amir Safari <amsa36060 at yahoo.com>
>Subject: [R] Filters in waveslim
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>  Dear R Users,
> For running  wavelet functions using dwt( ), modwt( ), and mra( ), a 
> wavelet >filter  algorithm is applied. For all these functions, default is 
> "la8" and  other >possibility is "haar". In related documents, another 
> possibilities like as symlet >and coiflet ... are not cited.
> Besides "la8" and "haar", which wavelet filters can be used?
>Thank you for any help,
>  Amir Safari

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