[R] brown, durbin , evans ( 1975 )

Achim Zeileis Achim.Zeileis at wu-wien.ac.at
Tue Jan 10 08:44:20 CET 2006


> Does anyone know where
> I can get  R code for plotting
> the Brown , Durbin
> and Evans cumsum
> procedure ( 1975 ) ?


> P.S : Strucchange looks like a great package but
> it would take me way longer than I
> have to only partially understand the theory behind
> what is going on there.

Come on, it's not that difficult, e.g., for detecting the mean shift in
you can apply BDE's Recursive CUSUM test via
  rcus <- efp(Nile ~ 1, type = "Rec-CUSUM")
which shows quite clearly the structural change that occured in 1898 after
the Ashwan dam was built. You can get test statistic and p-value via

See the package vignette and the man pages for more examples.

As I already told you privately, a lot of research was done after BDE 1975
and the test is not the most suitable in various situations. For example,
it can perform quite badly in the presence of multiple shifts or shifts
that occur late in the sample period.


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