[R] How to use filled.contour(x,y,z) data for levelplot(z)?

Jan Verbesselt Jan.Verbesselt at biw.kuleuven.be
Mon Jan 9 15:28:16 CET 2006

Dear all,

We used the following function to create a spatial plot of a raster image:

filled.contour(xx,yy,zz, color = terrain.colors, nlevels=10,
main=naamjaar, plot.axes = { contour(Xcoord/1000,Ycoord/1000,lim.data,
nlevels = 4, col=4,drawlabels = T, axes = FALSE, frame.plot = FFALSE,
add = TRUE);axis(1); axis(2);                        

we however would like to create 5 maps with only one legend. This seems
not to be possible with filled.contour follow the help().

We therefore started looking at levelplot(zz) to create a multipanel view.  

*However how could we use x and y coordinates in levelplot without using
a formula (since x,y are only the coordinates of the matrix z)?

rownames(zz) <- xx
colnames(zz) <- yy

like this the all the row and col names are displayed in x and y axis
without summarizing data similar to filled.contour function?

* or can this be done with an upgrade of filled.contour?


windows R 2.2

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