[R] Suggestion for big files [was: Re: A comment about R:]

François Pinard pinard at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Jan 8 19:06:20 CET 2006

[Brian Ripley]
>[François Pinard]
>>[Brian Ripley]

>>>One problem [...] is that R's I/O is not line-oriented but
>>>stream-oriented.  So selecting lines is not particularly easy in R.

>>I understand that you mean random access to lines, instead of random
>>selection of lines.

>That was not my point. [...] Skipping lines you do not need will take 
>longer than you might guess (based on some limited experience).

Thanks for telling (and also for the expression "reservoir sampling").
OK, then.  All summarized, if I ever need this for bigger datasets, 
selection might better be done outside of R.

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