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Kevin Gamble kevin.gamble at extension.org
Sun Jan 8 13:25:48 CET 2006

Kris over at Wiki That! has a post today about what makes for a good  
wiki: http://www.wikithat.com/wiki_that/2006/01/wiki_of_the_wee_1.html

> Most wikis I’ve looked at are in danger of facing the same fate as  
> most websites and CMS - death by boredom. They are focused on  
> content that is used as reference for some off-line activity OR as  
> the end-result of an off-line activity.
> Collaboration and participation is more than just sharing  
> information and making it accessible. It’s all about the PROCESS of  
> planning and executing events, projects, tasks, and deliverables.  
> Content is boring - action is engaging. Make your wiki activity- 
> centric, not just data-centric (content).

If the wiki is a place where people just go to look things up --  
we're toast. It needs to be made into an active learning environment,  
a place where experts and beginners alike come to interact. Some to  
share their knowledge, and others to learn from the masters. It's the  
same dynamic  that makes the mailing list so active, and yet also  
what exposes its weakness (i.e. it doesn't scale well).


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