[R] repeat { readline() }

Henrik Bengtsson hb at maths.lth.se
Sun Jan 8 02:41:00 CET 2006


Using Rterm v2.2.1 on WinXP, is there a way to interrupt a call like

  repeat { readline() }

without killing the Command window?  Ctrl+C is not interrupting the loop:

R : Copyright 2006, The R Foundation for Statistical Computing
Version 2.2.1 Patched (2006-01-01 r36947)

 > repeat { readline() }

On Unix it works.  The problem seems to get the interrupt signal to 
"occur" outside the readline() call so that "repeat" is interrupted. Doing

repeat { readline(); Sys.sleep(3) }

and it is likely that can generate an interrupt signal outside readline().

It seem like readline()/readLines(n=1) or an underlying method catches 
the interrupt signal quietly and just waits for a symbol to come 
through.  Try readline() by itself and press Ctrl+C.  Maybe this is a 
property of the Windows Command terminal, I don't know, but is it a 
wanted feature and are R core aware of it?  Note that, in Rgui it is 
possible to interrupting such a loop by pressing ESC.



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