[R] R-help Digest, Vol 35, Issue 7

Evgeniy Kachalin ka4alin at yandex.ru
Sat Jan 7 15:32:51 CET 2006

Hello, dear participants!

Could you tip me, is there any simple and nice way to build scatter-plot 
for three different types of data (, and o and * - signs, for example) 
with legend.

Now i can guess only that way:

plot(x~y,data=subset(mydata,factor1=='1'), pch='.',col='blue')
points(x~y,data=subset(mydata,factor1=='2'), pch='*',col='green')
points(.... etc

What is the simple and nice way?
Thank you very much for your kindness and help.

Evgeniy Kachalin

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