[R] Wald tests and Huberized variances (was: A comment about R:)

Peter Muhlberger pmuhl1848 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 22:10:44 CET 2006

Thanks Z, it's coming more into focus.  I don't know what would work, though
maybe it's not impossible to have a richer set of cross-references by
interest area--e.g. People interested in econometrics may wish to
examine....  The views help in this regard, tho something in help itself
would be handy.


On 1/5/06 2:52 PM, "Achim Zeileis" <Achim.Zeileis at wu-wien.ac.at> wrote:

> Peter:
>> If R wants to bring in a wider audience, one thing that might help is a
>> denser set of cross-references.  For example, perhaps lm's help should
>> mention the econometrics view materials as well as other places to look for
>> tests and procedures people may want to do w/ lm.  Another thought is that
> This is difficult because the core development team has to ensure a
> certain stability of the system and you wouldn't start cross-linking to
> potentially unstable contributed packages. Furthermore, what is obvious to
> you (or me) as further desired functionality for linear models might be
> completely counter-intuitive for someone in genomics or biostatistics or
> environmetrics or ... and you can't link to all of these without confusing
> everybody.
>> perhaps the standard R package help should allow people to find
>> non-installed but commonly used contributed packages and perhaps their help
>> page contents.  A feature that would be very helpful for me is the capacity
>> to search all the contents of help files, not just keywords that at times
>> seem to miss what I'm trying to find.
> This is surely desirable but unfortunately not that simple to implement,
> you'll find some discussion in the list archives about this. However,
> there are various very helpful search facilites like RSiteSearch().
> Best,

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