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Fernando Henrique Ferraz P. da Rosa academic at feferraz.net
Thu Jan 5 14:23:04 CET 2006

Martin Maechler writes:
>  If you go to the bottom of that wikipedia page,
>  you see that there is an "R Wiki" -- and has been for several
>  years now (!) at a Hamburg (De) university.
>  http://fawn.unibw-hamburg.de/cgi-bin/Rwiki.pl?RwikiHome
> (...) 
> So, are you sure that another R Wiki is desirable, rather than
> have people who "believe in Wiki's for R" use the existing
> one(s)?   I believe the main challenge will (similar as for
> an "R-beginners" mailing list) to have well-qualified "editors"
> to be willing to review and amend what others have written.

        I´ve tried to colaborate on the R Wiki hosted by the Hamburg
university but the Wiki would get regularlly vandalized by some spam
bot, and then I'd have to manually keep reverting it several times. Also
the wiki engine used by this wiki is very rudimentary. I think the
DokuWiki engine, which is used by Philippe Grosjean is more promising as
a workhorse for an 'official' R-wiki. 

        I think that the title could be perhaps changed to Rwiki
and the contents currently hosted on the Hamburg wiki 'transfered' to 
the new location, if the current mantainers of the Hamburg Wiki and
Philippe Grosjean agree (I´m cc-ing this msg to them).

        This could emerge then as official or semi-oficial R-wiki, to be
linked to from the R-project home. 

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