[R] problem with using lines command on windows XP machine

Edwin Commandeur e.commandeur at uvt.nl
Thu Jan 5 11:27:01 CET 2006


I'm using R version 2.2.0 installed on windows XP machine, with SP2 (maybe
it's also interesting to note it's laptop, so it outputs to a laptop screen)
a l and I wanted to draw a line in a graph, but it does not seem to work.

To test it I use the following code:

x = c(-1,0,1)
y = c(-1,0,1)
plot(x,y, type="l", xlim=c(-1,1), ylim=c(-1,1))

If I understand the documentation right this should draw a line (with
default settings, I'm not setting any parameters) at x=0.

I tried goofing around a bit setting linewidth and color differently, I
tried using xy.coords etc, but no line appeared in the graph.

The commands abline and segments work perfectly fine (so I am now using
segments to plot the line I want), but I still think the lines command
should work.

Does anybody has similar problems drawing lines on XP machines (or laptops
in general?)? Or I am doing something abominably wrong?

Greetings and thanks in advance for any replies,
Edwin Commandeur

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