[R] Problem with nlme version 3.1-68

Bing T. Guan btguan at ntu.edu.tw
Thu Jan 5 09:05:46 CET 2006

Dear All:
I updated my R program as well as associated packages yesterday. Currently
my R version is 2.2.1 running under WINXP SP-2. 
When I tried to list (summary) an nlme object that I developed before, I got
the following error message:

[ Error in .C("ARMA_constCoef", as.integer(attr(object, "p")),
as.integer(attr(object,  : 
        C entry point "ARMA_constCoef" not in DLL for package "nlme" ]

The nlme object was fitted with corr = corARMA(q=2) option. I refitted the
model, and the same error message appeared. I then refitted the model with
option corr = corARMA(p=1), then no problem; but for p = 2, or q = 1 or 2,
then the error occurred. When I listed the same fitted nlme objects under R
2.1.1 with nlme 3.1-65, then no problem.

I fitted the Ovary data (Pinheiro and Bates 2000, p.397) using the script
provided in nlme package 
fm3Ovar.nlme <- update(fm1Ovar.nlme, correlation = corARMA(p=0, q=2)), and
tried to list the result. The same error occurred. I tried it out on several
of PCs (WINXP SP-2, R 2.2.1, nlme 3.1-68) and the same situation happened on
every machine.

Is there a bug in the latest version of nlme (3.1-68), or the problem only
happened to me and my machines?
Biing T. Guan
School of Forestry and Resource Conservation
National Taiwan University
btguan at ntu.edu.tw

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