[R] R newbie configuration

Petr Pikal petr.pikal at precheza.cz
Thu Jan 5 08:11:48 CET 2006


here is my example of .Rprofile file


# setHook(packageEvent("graphics", "onLoad"), function(...) 
# graphics::par(bg="white"))  ## did not manage to persuade setHook 
# to work properly

RNGkind("Mersenne-Twister", "Inversion")

# some set of my functions and data



On 4 Jan 2006 at 15:46, Mark Leeds wrote:

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> I think I did enough reading on my
> Own about startup ( part of the morning
> And most of this afternoon )
> to not feel uncomfortable asking
> for confirmation of my understanding of this startup stuff.
> Obviously, the startup process is more complicated
> Than below but, for my R newbie purposes,
> It seems like I can think of the startup process as follows :
> Suppose my  home directory = "c:documents and settings/mleeds" =
> $HOME.
> Put things in $HOME/.Rprofile that are more generic on startup and not
> specific to any particular R project.
> Put various .First() functions in the working directories of the
> particular projects that
> they are associated with so that they loaded in when their .RData
> directory gets loaded. 
> If above is correct  ( emphasis on correct for a newbie. I know there
> is a lot more going on And things can be done more elegantly etc ),
> Could someone send me an example of a .Rprofile file. I didn't use
> these in S+ and I am wondering what you put in them ? 
>                                    Thanks
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