[R] silly, extracting the value of "C" from the results of somers2

ahimsa campos arceiz ahimsa at camposarceiz.com
Wed Jan 4 07:10:35 CET 2006

Sorry I have a very simple question:

I used somers2 function from Design package:

> z<- somers2(x,y, weights=w)

results are:

 C    Dxy    n    Missing
 0.88  0.76  500    0.00

Now I want to call only the value of C to be used in further analyses, but I 
fail to do it. I have tried:

> z$C
> z[,C]
Error in z[,C]: incorrect number of dimensions

and some other silly things. If I do 
  C    Dxy    n    Missing
 0.88  0.76  500    0.00

Can somebody tell me how can I obtain just the value of c?

Thank you useRs,

very gratefull


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