[R] need to know some basic functionality features of R-Proj

Mohammed Asifulla - CTD , Chennai masifulla at hcl.in
Tue Jan 3 12:46:23 CET 2006


I am new-comer to statistics and R-Project. I would like to know if these
features can be attained in R-Project.Please help.

1)  beta 1 and Beta 2, or gamma one and gamma two for skewness and kurtosis,
respectively, including standard errors and tests for significance (relative
to values for a Gaussian distribution).
2)  linear correlation
3)  quadratic regression
4)  polynomial regression
5)  moving averages
6)  chi-square for a two-by two table and for an n by m contingency table
7)  moving averages - with various (e.g. exponential) weighting
8)  cubic splines (smoothing, not interpolating)
9)  other types of splines, e.g. 'linear' splines
10) erfc-1  inverse error function complement (i.e. tables of integrals of
the normal (Gaussian) curve, or mathematical approximations)
11) erfc    error function complement
12) Table of significant values for t test at P < 0.01 one sided or two
sided - or polynomial approximation
13) Table of significance levels for chi square test
14) Table of significance levels for F distribution  as arising in ANOVA
15) Confidence limits for binomial variables; possibly for multinomial

Thanks and Regards

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