[R] An embarrassment of riches

Thomas L Jones DrJones at alum.MIT.edu
Mon Jan 2 09:55:29 CET 2006

I have a dataset which I am trying to smooth, using locally weighted 
regression. The y values are count data, integers with Poisson 
distribution, and it is important for the regression function to know 
this, since assuming a Gaussian distribution will lead to substantial 
errors. It is a time series; the x values have equal five minute 

Here is the problem: I have an embarrassment of riches. Unless I am 
mistaken, the following R packages will do this: locfit, aws, sm, gss, 
semipar, pgam, gregmisc, to name just a few. Questions: Which package 
should I use, and which function in the package should I use for the 

Here is the Google search result, restricted to r-project.org:


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