[R] glmmPQL and random effects

dbahrd@unileon.es dbahrd at unileon.es
Fri Feb 10 18:53:01 CET 2006

Hello R users,

I am trying to run a model with a binary response variable (nesting
success: 0 failure, 1 success) and 8 fixed terms. Nesting success was
examined in 72 cases in 34 territories (TER) during a 6 study years.
Territories are nested within 14 patches (PATCH). I want to run a model
taking into account these nested factors and repeated observation. To do
this, I assume that the best option is to use glmmPQL from MASS package.
Am I wrong?

In glmmPQL, I have included the random terms as follow:
random=~1|YEAR/PATCH/TER, but I am unclear if this syntax is right for
this case (?).

I would greatly appreciate any help!



Hugo Robles
Department of Animal Biology
University of León (Spain)

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