[R] table() command

Taka Matzmoto sell_mirage_ne at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 2 19:40:25 CET 2006

Hi R users

I am trying to get cross-tabulation tables using tables.

All variables used are binary ones (0 and 1).

Each time I constructed cross-tabluation table using a different variable 
pair (e.g., variable 1 and variable 2, variable 1 and variable 3 etc)

In doing so, I ran into some problems

i.V1  1
   0 17
   1 33

For variable 2 (i.V2) there was no one belonging to ZERO category but I like 
to have a cross tabulation table looking like this

i.V1  0   1
   0   0  17
   1   0  33

Is there any other functoin I can use instead of using table() or is there 
any options I can add to table() ?

Any help or advice would be appreciated



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