[R] rgl package: color of the axes

Gaspard Lequeux Gaspard.Lequeux.at at biomath.ugent.be
Thu Aug 24 14:25:36 CEST 2006


On Wed, 23 Aug 2006, Duncan Murdoch wrote:

> On 8/23/2006 4:13 PM, Gaspard Lequeux wrote:
>> When plotting triangles with rgl.triangles and setting the axes afterwards
>> with decorate3d(aspect=TRUE), the axes get the color used for the last
>> triangle plotted.
>> Example:
>> rgl.triangles(c(1,2,3),c(1,2,5),c(1,3,2),col="#55FF55")
>> decorate3d(aspect=TRUE)
>> Using
>> decorate3d(aspect=TRUE,col="#000000")
>> or
>> decorate3d(aspect=TRUE,color="#000000")
>> does not help, the axes still have the last color used for plotting an
>> object.
> You should use triangles3d if you don't want the material changes to
> carry over to the next call.  Generally speaking it's hard to get things
> right when you mix the rgl.* calls (which assume changes are persistent)
> with the *3d calls (which assume they're not).

This worked indeed. Thanks for the hint.

>> In the help page of decorate3d on can find the following line:
>>         ...: additional parameters which will be passed to 'par3d',
>>              'material3d' or 'decorate3d'.
>> So the 'color' argument should have an effect.
> Yes, that's a bug, which has been fixed (but not released yet).  There
> should be a release pretty soon now.  Daniel Adler and I are hoping to
> have a version 1.0 in the next couple of months; I expect one or two
> more 0.x releases before that.

Very nice!


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