[R] Package docs for CRAN

William Asquith wasquith at austin.rr.com
Sun Apr 30 16:00:01 CEST 2006

CRAN et al.,

I would like to add an extented introduction or other arbitrary  
sections to my package lmomco.
I have been shipping inst/doc/Introduction.Rd. I would like to have  
this content inserted to the front of the PDF build for the CRAN. The  
R-exts.pdf seems to be a little silent on this subject? For my  
purposes, I have been doing this

R CMD Rd2dvi --pdf --title="lmomco---version X" inst/doc/ 
Introduction.Rd man/*.Rd

but I don't get the correct header (description) or the index built  
as seen in the lmomco.pdf from the CRAN.

Further, is there any point in shipping a complete PDF build of the  
docs as in inst/doc/lmomco.pdf?

Please advise on best practices for building the best docs that I  
can. . .


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