[R] unrooted tree and margins, ape package

Jerry Weimer jweimerjr at hotmail.com
Fri Apr 28 13:31:22 CEST 2006

   I have a question about margins when plotting an unrooted tree 
(type="unrooted") with the 'ape' package ver. 1.7. When I plot an unrooted 
tree with:
it seems that the margins are still there. It appears to be only when 
I'm plotting multiple plots using layout() and would like to be able to get 
rid of the margins or if the margins are not there, have the plot take up 
more of the plotting region. Below is an example of one of the trees.

file = "clustal.tre", sep = "\n")
clustal.tree4 <- read.tree("clustal.tre")
plot(clustal.tree4, type="unrooted", no.margin=TRUE, 
text.lab < -c(99.2,99.0,87.8,100.0,99.8,98.4)
node.lab <- c(3:8)
nodelabels(text=text.lab, node=node.lab, cex=.7)

Any help or general suggestions are greatly appreciated,
Thanks, Jerry
Graduate Student, Missouri State University
R 2.2.0 Windows XP

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