[R] R 2.3.0 OS X Binary

Joran Elias joran.elias at umontana.edu
Thu Apr 27 20:15:12 CEST 2006

I downloaded the 2.3.0 OS X Universal binary off of the Berkeley  
mirror (found it on the R for Mac OS X link at the bottom of the  
page).  Installation went fine, but when I launch via the GUI it  
opens the console window and then (after several seconds) quits with  
no error message.

I'm sorry I'm not very proficient with the Terminal, so I don't know  
if I can use R 2.3.0 with that, or if it's only the GUI startup  
that's causing the problem.

I'm using a G4 Powerbook (PowerPC) laptop with OS X 10.4.6.  A  
universal binary ought to work, right?  Or is there something else  
going on?

Just thought I'd let people know...


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