[R] cdf of weibull distribution

J. Hosking jh910 at juno.com
Wed Apr 26 21:34:06 CEST 2006

Peter Dalgaard wrote:
 > Sachin J <sachinj.2006 at yahoo.com> writes:
 >>  I have a data set which is assumed to follow weibull distr'. How 
can I find of cdf for this data. For example, for normal data I used 
(package - lmomco)
 >>  >cdfnor(15,parnor(lmom.ub(c(df$V1))))

If X is a Weibull random variable then -X has a generalized
extreme-value distribution.  So something like


should do the trick.

 >>  Also, lmomco package does not have functions for finding cdf for 
some of the distributions like lognormal. Is there any other package, 
which can handle these distributions?

I recommend that you use the generalized normal distribution, a
reparametrized and extended version of the lognormal that accommodates
distributions with negative as well as positive skewness.  See Hosking
& Wallis, "Regional Frequency Analysis", Cambridge Univ. Press, 1997,
p.198.  The relevant routines in lmomco are cdfgno, lmomgno, pargno and

 > What's wrong with pweibull, plnorm, etc.? Or pnorm for that matter....

What's wrong, or at least what I often find somewhat incovenient, is
that R's distribution functions require the distribution parameters
to be supplied as separate arguments rather than as a single vector.
This complicates operations that involve passing parameters from one
function to another.  For example, the OP's one-liner above would,
if pnorm were used, have to become something like

   par <- parnor(lmom.ub(c(df$V1)))
   pnorm(15, par[1], par[2])

or, if we still want to do it in one line,

   do.call('pnorm', as.list(c(15, parnor(lmom.ub(c(df$V1))))))

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