[R] Generalized SVD

Philippe Hupé Philippe.Hupe at curie.fr
Wed Apr 26 20:01:04 CEST 2006


I need to computed the GSVD of two matrices. For doing so I used in my C 
code the lapack routine dggsvd. But when I source my file gsvd.R I have 
the following error:

Error in eval.with.vis(expr, envir, enclos) :
        BLAS/LAPACK routine 'DGGSVD' gave error code -1

Is there a problem with the parameters passed through the gsvd.R script?
Is there a problem within the C script?

I will really appreciate your help.



Philippe Hupé
Institut Curie, CNRS UMR 144 / Service Bioinformatique
Laboratoire de Transfert (4ème étage)
26 rue d'Ulm
75005 Paris - France
Email :  Philippe.Hupe at curie.fr
Tél :	 +33 (0)1 44 32 42 75
Fax :  	 +33 (0)1 42 34 65 28

website : http://bioinfo.curie.fr

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