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Anupam Tyagi Anupam.Tyagi at rediffmail.com
Wed Apr 26 19:19:03 CEST 2006

Gabor Grothendieck <ggrothendieck <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Maybe a separate web site that shows R off or maybe just
> a pointer to the R Graph Gallery.

I think the idea of a pointer to the R Graph Gallery is a better one than
changing the current R website. I think that the main R web site should be
accessible to as many users as possible, including those visually impaired. I
hope EmacsSpeaks Statistics (ESS) people will appreciate this suggestion. I do
like nice graphics and eye-candy. The other alternate could be an R-web site
that is simple and easily accessible as simple mark-up text, which can be speech
rendered. Anupam Tyagi.

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