[R] Running R on Windows 2000 Terminal Services

Gavin Simpson gavin.simpson at ucl.ac.uk
Tue Apr 25 18:18:16 CEST 2006

Dear list,

My employer uses a Windows 2000 Terminal Server-based system for its
college-wide managed computer service - computers connect directly to
the WTS servers for their sessions, using a Citrix ICA client. When I
asked them to install R (Windows) on an older version of this service
the IT guys installed it but pulled it for performance issues. I am
trying to get them to try again but receiving little encouragement from

Does anyone on the list have experience of a similar set-up? If you do,
I could use that as part of my argument to invest some time in sorting
these issues out. I really want to get the Windows version of R
installed for teaching because at the moment I subject my students to
the rather hostile world of an archaic UNIX session to run R - for them
at least.

Thanks in advance,


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