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Christos Hatzis christos at silicoinsights.com
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It is not very clear how you want to index your results vector.

If ss contains the indices of the results vector that you are trying to
change, this implies that you have a vector of length 9.  In this case 

results <- numeric(max(ss))
results[ss] <- ss + 1

will do the trick.

Or in case that ss contains the values that you want to augment by 1

results <- numeric(length(ss))
Results <- ss + 1

Am I missing something?


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I have what I'm sure will turn out to be straightforward. I want to store
the results of a loop for some operations from a patterned vector.
For example, the following doesn't give what I would hope for

ss <- c(2,3,9)
results <- numeric(length(ss))
for (i in seq(along=ss)){
   results[i] <- i + 1

The following does give what I expect, but creates a vector of length 9.

ss <- c(2,3,9)
results <- numeric(length(ss))
for (i in ss){
   results[i] <- i + 1

What I am hoping for is that results should be a vector of length 3.


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