[R] boxplots instead of a scatterplot

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On 24 Apr 2006 at 10:40, Michael Graber wrote:

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> Dear R list,
> I am a newbie to R and programming itself, so my question may be easy
> to answer for you. I wanted to create a scatterplot and i used the
> following code:
> par(mar=c(10, 4.1,4.1,2.1))
> plot(q$location,q$points, , las=2, cex.axis=0.5,xlab="", ylab="" )
> #location are character strings, there are about 70 locations

location is probably a factor (not a character vector, try str(q) and 
look what is stated at location variable) so that's why R used 
boxplot automatically. 

> loc<-sample(letters[1:3],10, replace=T)
> x<-rnorm(10)
> plot(loc,x)
Error in plot.window(xlim, ylim, log, asp, ...) : 
        need finite 'xlim' values
In addition: Warning messages:
1: NAs introduced by coercion 
2: no finite arguments to min; returning Inf 
3: no finite arguments to max; returning -Inf 

> plot(as.factor(loc),x)

You can either:

plot(as.numeric(q$location) ,q$points, , las=2, cex.axis=0.5,xlab="", 
ylab="" )

but you loose information about location names or to use stripchart

> stripchart(split(x,loc), vertical=T)

see ?stripchart


> #points are numeric, there are more than 4 points for every location
> my problem is that this code does not create a simple scatterplot with
> location on the x axis and points on the y axis. Instead of this i get
> "vertical boxplots" for every location.
> Thanks for any hint,
> Michael Graber
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