[R] help! A quetion about the Elasticnet package in R

Leon sdl.web at gmail.com
Sun Apr 23 18:40:23 CEST 2006

Spencer Graves <spencer.graves at pdf.com> writes:

> Dear Leon:
> 	  How good is your Manderin?  I am pleased and humbled that Mr. Dengmin 
> has made the effort to put his question in English.  I don't know his 
> background, but my Eastern-language enabled email provided a rendition 
> of "Richard Dengmin" in the form or two Chinese characters, suggesting 
> that it might have been difficult for him to learn enough English just 
> to be able to prepare the question he posted to this list.

Manderin is my second language and English third. English is difficult
for us. We learn it since the first year of high school.

> 	  Beyond this, it has not always obvious how to use a spell checker for 
> email software.  Even if you have a "Spell" button on your email 
> software, it might only work in your primary tongue without some 
> less-than-obvious effort to configure it to also check text in other 
> languages.  I know that my previous attempts to write something in a 
> language other than my Mother tongue have tended to display much higher 
> rates of spelling and grammar errors -- some even to the point of 
> failing to communicate.  Therefore, I try to avoid criticizing someone 
> else's use of language, except to ask for clarification where the 
> meaning is not clear (or when it seems that some friendly, copy editing 
> suggestions might be favorably received).
> 	  Best Wishes,
> 	  Spencer Graves	

I'm not criticizing the use of language either. I feel that if she
well prepared her post she is more likely to get an answer. That's
just my suggestion. Nothing offensive. Sorry if I have caused some
uncomfortableness. I really don't mean it.

> Leon wrote:
>> "邓敏" <richard.dengmin at gmail.com> writes:
>>> Can anybody help me to run the Elasticnet package of R to build some model,
>>>i am a freshman to R language , when i use the Elasticnet package to my
>>>data,  it  always reture a error, but i can't settle that problem. I
>>>consider if there is any constrant of the data to that package? Can anyone
>>>help me to run the elasticnet and check my data as you convenient? I put
>>>the data in attachment.
>>>Thank you very much!
>>>Best regards
>> Please, correct your typos.

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