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you are receiving this message from me 
as someone who potentially 
has bought the first Edition of my book 
Causality. New statistical methods.
ISBN 3 - 8 3 3 4 - 3 6 4 5 - X.

Your email address was obtained either through my friends, 
your publication, a colleague or via correspondence with 
I am pleased to announce, that a web page is 
established at


where you can get some more information
(Erratum etc.)

The mathematics of the first Edition of my book above 
is perfect and proved. 
In so far no changes are needed.
But besides of all, their are to many misprints
in the first Edition.

If you should be dissatisfied with the 
misprints, please feel free to contact me
without any obligation for you.

I will make sure, that you can get a copy
of the sec. Edition of my book above
without any costs for you.
You must not pay anything, 
I will pay the shipping costs too.

I you have decided to by my book above,
please wait until the sec. Edition.

The second Edition should be on the market
before the XXIIIrd International Biometric Conference
in Montréal, Québec, Canada. July 16 - 21, 2006.
I am invited to take part at this conference.
I have accepted the invitation.
You can contact me there personally.
I hope I can take some books of the
second Edition with me to this conference.

You could profit from the sec. Edition too.
The mathematics has of course not changed.
The mathematics is proved and stable!

But there are still view additions:
As a addition, you have the possibility to undertake 
a two tailed test to discover causal
relationships from observational data, 
a left sided test to discover causal
relationships from observational data
with power, p value etc.

Further, it is derived, how you can use
n-dimensional cdf to discover causal
relationships from observational data.

Further, in the coming Edition,
I have proved, that the formula of the causal relationship
is absolutely compatible with Einstein's Theory of Relativity 
and with Heisenberg's Uncertainty principle. 
Although this is something more for a philosopher or
a physicists but not that much for a statistician, a biostatistician or an epidemiologist. The same with the derived formula of the unity of gravity and electromagnetism.

Best wishes,


Barukcic at t-online.de

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