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For real newbies like myself , good tutorial  are had to find, and much of the documentation is completelly opaque at first. :)  However I would recommend http://www.math.ilstu.edu/dhkim/Rstuff/Rtutor.html as a good place to start with real basics.  It is a bit like the Sample session in the Intro to R but I found it a bit more user friendlyl.

  Another source that I have just found is http://pj.freefaculty.org/R/Rtips.html which has some good basic stuff but it is not a tutorial.

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I work for a Investment group with a very extensive training program and
we are having our new hires take a statistics course at University of
Chicago where they have to complete some assignments with R.  I was
wondering if there are any online tutorials that exist where we could
get our participants comfortable with R before the class itself?  I
appreciate any help at all.
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