[R] Hmisc + summarize + quantile: Why only quantiles for first variable in data frame?

Kim Milferstedt milferst at uiuc.edu
Fri Apr 21 21:41:10 CEST 2006

Hi Frank Harrell,

thanks for the response. I understand your comment but I wasn't able 
to find (or recognize) an answer on how to tell FUN explicitely to 
use matrix operations. Would you be so kind and give me an example?

Thanks so much,


>>Please read the documentation and see the examples.  The first 
>>argument to summarize is a matrix or vector and if a matrix, FUN 
>>must use matrix operations if you want column-by-column results.
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>Kim Milferstedt wrote:
>>I'm working on a data set that contains a couple of factors and a 
>>number of dependent variables. From all of these dependent 
>>variables I would like to calculate mean, standard deviation and 
>>quantiles. With the function FUN I get all the means and stdev that 
>>I want but quantiles are only calculated for the first of the 
>>dependent variables (column 8 in the summarize command). What do I 
>>have to do differently in order to get all the quantiles that I want?
>>sgldm2    <-  read.table("E:/analysistemp/060412_test_data2.txt", header=T)
>>FUN         <-  function(x)c(Mean=mean(x,na.rm=TRUE), 
>>STDEV=sd(x,na.rm=TRUE), Quantile=quantile(x, probs= 
>>ordering    <-  llist(time_h_f, Distance_f)
>>resALL      <-  summarize(sgldm2[,8:10], ordering, FUN)
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