[R] S4 objects with list of objects as slots: how to subset?

Francois.Bastardie at ifremer.fr Francois.Bastardie at ifremer.fr
Thu Apr 20 15:47:06 CEST 2006


I don't manage to see if you have already focussed on this point in some 
previous messages so I post my question:

I have a little problem with the S4 style of programming.
I tried to formalize my question: please consider the following example 
that you can run I think:

         my.list        = "list"),
         my.list        =list()))

         my.slot        = "numeric"),
         my.slot        =as.numeric(1:10)))

a.class <- new("my.class1")
a.class at my.list[[1]] <- new("my.class2")
a.class at my.list[[2]] <- new("my.class2")

using indexation, using my class definitions, how could I avoid the 
following FOR-loop (for performance purpose if it changes something) to 
get straightforward for example result = c(1:10,1:10) ?

result <-NULL
for (i in 1:length(a.class at my.list))
    result <- c(result, a.class at my.list[[i]]@my.slot)

this following code doesn't work:
a.class at my.list[1:2]@my.slot

I hope I have been clear,
Thank you,

François Bastardie

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