[R] determining optimal # of clusters for a given dataset (e.g. between 2 and K)

Andrej Kastrin andrej.kastrin at siol.net
Thu Apr 20 07:30:06 CEST 2006

andrew mcsweeny wrote:

>     I'm clustering a microarray dataset with a large # of samples.  I would like your opinion on the best way to automatically determine the optimal # of clusters.  Currently I am using the "cluster" package, clustering with "clara", examining the average silhouette width at various numbers of clusters.  I'd like opinions on whether any newer packages offer better determination of optimal # of clusters, considering the algorithms in "cluster" were developed decades ago.  By the way, I have alot of missing values in my dataset, coded as "NA", so some software packages don't work.
>     Here is the code I've been using:
>  library(cluster)
>  avgsil <- c()
>for (k in  kseq){
>  clarares <- clara(data, k, rngR = TRUE)
>  savg <- clarares$silinfo$avg.width
>  print(c(k,savg))
>  avgsil[k] <- savg
>  k<-kseq
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>  Andrew McSweeny
>  grad student
>  Medical University of Ohio
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Following Fraley  et al. I suggest to use the Bayesian inference 
function (BIC). You can find it in mclust package.

HTH, Andrej

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