[R] I am surprised (and a little irritated)

Rolf Turner rolf at math.unb.ca
Thu Apr 20 00:21:12 CEST 2006

Robert Baer wrote:

> Even as you sit under seige, let me take this opportunity to thank
> you (and ALL the other countless developers, maintainers and list
> contributers) for the TIRELESS work you do to make R one of the most
> robust open source projects I know about.  We the 'end users'. are
> indebted for your energies and talents in ways most of us can never
> even contemplate.
> Thanks to you all for your service to the greater good, and for being
> willing to step up and incrementally strive for excellence.

	Amen, brother!!!  Try to imagine (just TRY IT!!!) getting a
	helpful, humble, ***practical*** response, like that from
	Detlef Steuer, from the Microsoft(dung) Monolith.


					Rolf Turner
					rolf at math.unb.ca

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