[R] how to change legend size in a figure

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Thanks Dimitris and Charles! I think it is working.
 Baoqiang Cao
probably  the  'cex'  and  'ncol'  arguments  of  legend()  will  be  useful  
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>  Dear  All,
>  I  am  producing  a  figure  with  many  curves  on  it.  How  do  I  make  the  
>  legends  for  all  those  curves  smaller  so  that  it  can  fit  the  figure  
>  itself?  The  commands  I  used  for  ploting  are:
>  plot(x1,y1,col=1,lty=1)
>  lines(x2,y2,col=2,lty=2)
>  ...
>  legend(0.3,0.4,c("name1","name2",...),col=1:20,lty=1:20)
>  Any  tips  for  making  the  legend  fit  the  figure  will  very  welcome!  
>  Thanks!
>  Best,
>  Baoqiang  Cao
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