[R] R and ViM

Michael Graber grabermi at student.ethz.ch
Tue Apr 18 17:21:15 CEST 2006

Dear all,

I'm starting to learn R, but I'm already programing for a while, using 
ViM as editor. Therefore I'd like to be able to use R together with 

My question now is, whether there are already people out there knowing 
how to do this in a similar easy way as with Emacs, and if those would 
be willing to share this knowledge.
I did already research on the web on this topic, but i couldn't find 
satisfying answers, except one good looking approach on the ViM-website 
with a perl-script called funnel.pl, which I couldn't make running on 
my mac OSX 10.3.9 so far.

I'd be grateful for help.

Michael Graber

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