[R] lambda, uncertainty coefficient (& Somers D)

Antti Arppe aarppe at ling.helsinki.fi
Tue Apr 18 15:40:21 CEST 2006

Dear colleagues in R,

Has anybody implemented the

1) (Goodman & Kruskal) lambda

or the

2) (Thiel's) uncertainty coefficient

statistics (in the asymmetric and symmetric forms), or is anyone aware 
that they might reside in some package? A search in the R archives 
does indicate that they are (somehow) part of the CoCo package, but I 
would rather not start learning how to transform my data into 
CoCo-format in order to access these functions, regardless of whether 
the CoCo versions are actually intended for calculating the actual 
statistic or for some other package internal purposes, as may 
sometimes be the case.

Furthermore, it appears to me that the 'somers2' function in the Hmisc 
package applies Somers' D only to 2x2 and not larger tables. Am I 
mistaken, or does there exist somewhere else an implementation of the 
Somers' D statistic for the more general RxC tables? This was queried 
in 1999, but no response seemed then to be forthcoming.

Thanks and regards,

 	-Antti Arppe
Antti Arppe - Master of Science (Engineering)
Researcher & doctoral student (Linguistics)
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